Information on our upcoming guest speakers and their subjects.

Speakers for 2013

Wednesday 20th February - Our 1st Birthday!!! Tree folklore and/ or Tree spirits and Dryads - with Mark Buxton


Wednesday 20th March - Meditation Workshop


Wednesday 17th April - Ogham Workshop with Harry Scanlan


Wednesday 15th May - Paganism and the Illusion of Religious Equality with Gary Armstrong


Wednesday 19th JuneKim Morgan


Wednesday 17th July Active Workshop on Parasitic Hooks, Energy Cord Work and Self Fulfilling Prophecy


Wednesday 21st August - Candle Magic Workshop


Wednesday 18th SeptemberThe Middle Pillar Meditation with Shelley Rushton


Wednesday 16th October Crystal Workshop - Jools Garvey


Wednesday 20th November - History of the Hedgewitch - Mish Liddle


Wednesday 18th December Linda Sever - Runes

Speakers for 2014

Wednesday 15th January - Our very own Willow Merrymoon - Tarot Touchstones

Wednesday 19th Feb - Our Second Birthday!!! Cat Tredwell

Wednesday 19th March  – Sharon,Glenys & Dom - Reiki share

Wednesday 16th April  – Kimberley Morgan - The Magical Pentagram

Wednesday 21st May – Edwina Hodkinson - Hedgerow and Herbs

Wednesday 18th June – TBA

Wednesday 16th July -  Wayne Beacher (and friends)

Wednesday 20th Aug - Jools Garvey - Crystal workshop

Wednesday 17th Sept – Mark Buxton

Wednesday 22nd Oct -  TBA

Wednesday 19th Nov - TBA

Wednesday 17th Dec -  TBA